The Binge

Wanna know the quickest way to stop yourself from binge eating?

Run into someone you know when you are in sweatpants about to eat an entire plate of French Fries, aka my Sunday night.

I am a full on supporter of having 1 cheat meal a week. I think this keeps you sane. It gives you something to look forward to when you really don't want to eat another plate of grilled chicken and broccoli. 1 meal a week, I eat whatever I want (in a reasonable portion) and I feel totally fine about myself after.  I also fully support the fact that if you are craving something that bad, eat it, cause if you don't it, you are going to binge eat whatever it was plus probably 3 other things. Sunday was neither a craving or a cheat meal.

My cheat meal this week was on Saturday night at my 9 year olds Cub Scout Banquet. We had lasagna, salad, and cake. It was delicious... but any one who reads this that knows me personally is thinking "I thought you don't eat gluten". You're right. I haven't been eating gluten for several weeks. So this was a cheat to the max. I woke up Sunday ill. I was miserable, I was completely lethargic, I just couldn't get myself woke up. I ate a green smoothie for breakfast, trying to perk myself up. I took a 2 hour nap, it did nothing. By dinner time I was over it. I wanted French Fries, I wanted BBQ, I wanted ice cream... and no one was going to tell me no.

Within 2 minutes of getting my food at City BBQ, I ran into someone I used to work with. It was like instant snap back to reality. I barely ate anything after that. It was like insta-shame. I knew all along I shouldn't be eating the garbage I was eating. Seeing someone who knows real Amanda was exactly what I needed.

I wanted to share this because I think it's really important to know its okay when you fall on your face, as long as you get back up.

I think this picture sums it up

I forgave myself for the gluten and the fries, and life was back to normal today.

My meal plan today

Greek Yogurt, Coffee, Banana
Amazing, Healthy Chili My mom made for me. I will post the recipe soon! It was so good!
BBQ Habenero Almonds
Grilled Chicken, Peppers, Onions on a bed of lettuce with salsa, black beans, and organic guacamole

I also managed to get a 3 mile walk/ run around my neighborhood in.

It was a damn good day.

Have a great week!!

OOOOOO... One more thing. I get to test my resolve tomorrow... In a moment of utter brilliance on my part I scheduled a lunch meeting at Der Dutchman.... I love noodles and fried chicken... this should be interesting.

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