About Me


My name is Amanda and I am on a quest to get healthy with out having to go on a dreaded diet!!!

What you can expect from this blog....

1. I promise to let you know when I screw up, or binge eat, or decide to watch Netflix instead of work out. I am not perfect, so I am not going to pretend to be. I think it's important to see people fall and watch them immediately get back up.

2. I am very opinionated. Since this is my blog, I am going to say what I feel like saying. I understand everyone else has an opinion as well. As long as you are respectful of others I look forward to spirited debates in the comment section!

3. I will not be promoting a miracle pill to shed pounds, or a diet that involves just eating popcorn and popsicles. I believe there is no quick fix for lasting weight loss. If you are anything like me, it took years to put on the weight... so you can't expect it to be gone in a month.  I believe in moving more and eating real food.

4. I am hilarious, so I expect you to laugh frequently at this blog. If you don't laugh with me, I'm sure you will laugh at me cause I am also a giant dork.

5. You will get reminded how awesome you are no matter where in the journey you are.

About me...

I have been married for over 10 years to my amazing husband who loves me even when I don't deserve it. He is an incredible father, a wonderful provider and a huge enabler when it comes to bringing me chocolate when I am having a bad day.
I am the proud mother of two amazing boys we loving call "Cheeks and Teeth". Cheeks is 18 months old, and may also be referred to as the toddler tornado. He is wild crazy and high energy. He is also ridiculously tall as we were just informed by our pediatrician that we will have a well over 6'2 son on our hands. Teeth is almost 10. He is ridiculously smart and adorably awkward. He also is a better big brother than we could have ever imagined him to be.
I also have an adorable pomchi (half Pomeranian, half Chihuahua) named Gizmo who is 100% Momma's boy. He's a rescue, and super spoiled. He pretty much hit the jackpot joining this family, and we hit the jackpot finding him.
Hmmmm. What else do you need to know?
I work for the state office of a Fortune 500 company. There's never a dull moment, 99% of my stress eating is caused between the hours of 9 to 5. But I love it, and would never give it up.
I'm addicted to high heels to the point there are people who knew me for years without seeing me in flats. I'm sure the collection will show up on the blog.
I love selfies. I'm not a narcissist, I am just enjoying watching the changes in my face and body during this journey
I am so excited to be on this journey and hope you enjoy being with me on it.


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