Swimmers Log July 23rd- or- I'm no longer a 125lb 17 year old swimmer

So today I decided to really start the swimming portion of my triathlon training. I found a great pin on Pinterest with swim work outs, picked a 2300 work out and headed to the gym. I used to swim more than this on a daily basis so no big deal right?

What was I thinking? 1st off the last time I probably swam 2300 yards straight was  my senior year of HS 15 years ago. 2ndly for the last 3 years swim workouts for me were little 30 minute swims after my regular work out, and I was gonna swim triple that straight.

I'm a genius. 

The workout I picked was actually great  and had a lot of variety. At one point (early) I was thinking to myself "Heck ya I'm gonna nail this swim. " Below is the play by play of what actually happened and my thoughts

Warm up
300 Yard Free (I love swimming- I missed it so much)
100 Yard Kick (how come I'm not going anywhere, have I always kicked this slow)

Work out 
5x100 interrupted IM - which means a 15 second break between each stroke- 45 second break between 100s (1st 3- I felt like an Olympian... Last 2 my butterfly laps looked like a 6yr old was swimming)

100 kick IM order (I hate kicking, why am I doing this, no one would know if I skip it) I didn't skip it FYI 

4 x 100 alternating back and breast 100s  (at this point math starts kicking in- how far have I swam, how many more laps till
a mile and I beginning thinking how much easier running is with that whole being able to breathe with out holding you face out of the water to do it)

12x50 free sprint (4 sprints in- I wanna die- I realize I hit a mile and it took me 52 minutes. 6 sprints in I'm so tired I get water up my nose during a flip turn and veto flip turns for the rest of the swim)

100 kick ( literally the slowest kicking ever- and all breast stroke)

300- Cool down (yeah I didn't do this because I was worried I was going to drown)

So I lasted for 2000. 1.2 miles. I think all things considered I did well. It did make me realize I missed swimming. It also made me realize I'm older and pulling my body weight through water now is a hell of a lot harder than it was when I weighed 125. But I was proud of myself when I was done, which felt great.

Night all- I'm gonna take a boatload of Advil and go to bed- I have a feeling I'm gonna be hurting tomorrow.