Warning this post is going to be long because its the foundation of what I'm doing to lose the weight.

So how did I start untrapping my healthy girl?

It all began February 9th this year. It's a really random date, but I had reason. Lifetime fitness was hosting a spring 90 day weight loss challenge... and I love a competition, so I joined. My weigh in was at 9am February 9th. The minute my weigh in was over I jumped right in. The competition was springboard I needed to find a healthy me.

So here was my plan, It's been modified along the way and I will share all of that... but I figured lets start from the beginning.

First, I set my goals.
  • My goals-  50 lbs by my works trip to Punta Cana in Jan 2014
  • I want to get rid of my baby pouch. C sections ruin your body
  • I want to be proud of my arms and be strong enough to do real push-ups
Second, I found my Cheerleaders

You need cheerleaders, cause you are gonna want to quit at random times. When you slip up and eat an entire bag of chips, when you have a bad day and want comfort food, when it's that time of the month- you will be over the diet. Your cheerleaders wont let you quit. Find people who can tell you no! I wish I could say my biggest cheerleader is my husband, but he's not. He cheers me on for sure, but he will always give in when I say I really just need french fries. My biggest cheerleaders are my cousin Jodi and my good friend Sheizka. I couldnt do this with out them. Jodi is the best at random inspirational texts, I get them all the time- and each one pushes me or helps me to make better decisions. Sheizka aside from being my good friend is also a trainer (wait till we get into my training stories, LOL) and knows massive amounts about nutrition. Shes who I turn to most to tell me no. Actual conversation Me- I've got the flu and can't hit the gym today Sheizka- I will say a prayer for you to get better. Also, dont eat any sugar- I know you want to but it suppresses your immune system, so don't. I love them both and hope they both know how important they are in my journey

Third, do some sort of  detox "cleanse"to begin

People are terrified of cleanses, I was originally too. The principals of all detox cleanses are pretty similar. You drink or take fiber supplements, as well as pills that detoxify your system. Then towards the end of the cleanse you begin taking probiotic supplements to restore your healthy intestinal bacteria. While on the cleanse you eat fruits, veggies, meat, and nuts. Aim to drink at least a gallon of water a day.  No dairy, no gluten, nothing processed! This truely clears out all the gunk out of your body and preps your body to better absorb nutrients from all the healthy foods you are gonna be eating. Your gonna spend alot of time in the bathroom the first few days and probably have a monster headache around day 3. But it passes and if you are like me you will drop some weight (5lbs in 10days). I used the cleanse from Advocare, I love it. But all nutrition stores and gyms like Lifetime sell them as well.

Fourth, decide what method you are going to use after detox to continue weight loss

There are a million plans to lose weight. Do your research, find one thats realistic for your life! I have friends having success with all of them Medifast, Paleo, Weight Watchers. Whats important is that you eat less calories than you burn every day, and that you eat nutritionally dense foods.

I dont use any plan- except my own. I eat 1300 net calories a day of healthy, real food and I give myself one cheat meal a week. Whats net calories. It's calories you eat minus calories you burn doing cardio and strength training. I am currently loosing 1.5-2lbs a week

Fifth, I made myself accountable

Get the "myfitnesspal" app- or sign up on myfitnesspal.com- No, seriously do it. Without a doubt it's the best tracking tool I have ever used. Almost every food you can think of is preloaded into it... just type what you eat and it adds it to your tally. You can "friend" other people using the app and they can encourage you!

So there's how I started. As the blog goes on I will get into more of what I actually eat and how its prepared. But Its definately working.

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