Seriously- Structure, I'm struggling

I am really struggling.

I need to get my structure back, because I am too "type a" to function with out it, especially in regards to dieting. I have to use myfitnesspal every day--- even on cheat days because if I skip one day, I skip 10.

I need to get gym routine back. 4 days a week, no excuses- because I need the habit re-developed.

The last two days I've been very focused. I had a major issue over gluten this weekend, and realized it was going to need to be cut down if not removed completely. How terrible I felt, refocused me. I've prepped food, packed lunches, counted every calorie. I feel better.

The last 90 day challenge seemed so easy. No idea why this one is causing such a struggle.

Say a prayer for me to be strong, follow me on Instagram because I feel compelled to post meal photos when i know people are following, and if your struggling share it.

I feel better just saying out loud... Wow, this is hard, I'm struggling.

Have a fab week!!

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