Surviving your coworkers

Let me start off by saying I love my job and I love my coworkers even more. But they are evil... Just kidding... kind of.

My office is literally my worst enemy as I am on this health journey. Being in my office to me feels like being an alcoholic working at a bar. We always have a fridge fully stocked with pop and gatorade, baskets full of cookies and chips, and candy jars all over the place. I am in a constant battle with myself to not pop into the kitchen and grab a snack every time I pass on my way to or from the copy room. It really does not help my mental stability to have Doritos and Oreos under my nose all day long. It also is not helpful that we constantly order out for lunch at work. Nothing is low cal that comes in a takeout box. Somehow, I fight the urges and I am staying on track. Three things are saving my diet.

1. I have to be in a bathing suit around these people in January. I picture myself in a bathing suit with Doritos stuffed under it. Not attractive right, so I don't eat them.

2. I have snacks stashed all over this office, it's a little crazy. Fridge, I have hummus, lo fat string cheese and fruit. Cabinets- I have popcorn. My desk- I keep sugar free oatmeal and sunflower seeds. My purse- walnuts. When the urge to snack hits me, I am within steps of something I can eat and feel completely okay with. It doesn't keep me from wanting the junk, but it makes it easier.

3. Eating out is the devil. I try to pack whenever I can, but some day's its impossible. You have to find a way to eat from the same places everyone else does with out screwing your diet. Take last week. It was a rough couple days. Thursday, I had an event for a regional office with a build your own burrito bar from qdoba... oh and alcohol. Are you kidding me? All of my favorites in one place. I found a way. I took a bowl of lettuce, added grilled chicken, salsa, grilled zucchini, and a tablespoon of guacamole. It was amazing tasting and I was proud of my will power. Also, tequila is considered "Paleo" but its 96 calories and no one needs an extra 96 calories- just don't do it.

Friday we had City BBQ at work. I love City BBQ. But I love the mac and cheese and brisket and baked beans, none of which I can touch. So here is what I did.

I took the City BBQ salad which is tomatoes, romaine, cucumbers, craisins, and shredded parm and added 4oz of smoked turkey and some apple vinaigrette dressing. It was amazing.

It's taken me several months to be comfortable in this office and not to blow my eating plan because no one else around me is eating healthy.

It's not easy, but its doable.


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